I don’t know if you want to call this a christmas picture of a new year’s picture. When I think of clocks I think of the new year. This clock tree is part of DRD’s mechanical christmas set but I think it works as a cool steampunk feature year round. The screaming brat in the cage is part of DRD’s free Krampus hunt


  • Build, conveyor belt, cart: NOMAD @ Deco(c)rate December – Workshop
  • Presents 1: DRD – Krampus Sack (free Krampus hunt prize)
  • Presents 2: Kalopsia – Santa’s Bag of Toys
  • Screaming kid: DRD – That Brat in a Cage (free Krampus hunt prize)
  • Stocking: DRD – That Hideous Stocking (free Krampus hunt prize)
  • Deer 1: Artisan Fantasy @ WHRP – Reindeer Iron
  • Deer 2: Kalopsia @ Arcade – Gabriel’s Meta Deer (RARE gacha)
  • Wall deer: DRD – That Jolly Mans Reindeer (free Krampus hunt prize)
  • Tree: DRD – Mechanical Christmas Tree
  • Lights: DRD – Mechanical Hanging Light
  • Bear: DRD – That Hideous Bear (free Krampus hunt prize)
  • Clock: DRD – Mechanical Clock
  • Mannequins: DRD @ Crossroads – Bed and Breakfast – Mannequins



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