Anywhere but here

Clothing: Shirt: Zenith @ Uber – Summer cropped top Shorts: Zenith @ Uber – Short jeans w/ waist tied shirt Shoes: Mosquito’s Way @ TLC – Anya Hair: Tram @ Uber – G0616 Shape: FORMA shape @ TLC – Claudia Decor: Suitcases: Kalopsia @ C88 – Hilly’s Hitchhiking set – Suitcases Chair (with poses) Board Sign: Kalopsia @ C88 – Hilly’s Hitchhiking set – Hilly’s sign Flamingo: Kalopsia @ Summerfest – Polly’s Metal Flamingo Neon Sign: Soy – My Trailer Life – trail park neon (gacha) Store: Soy @ C88 – Mini Shop in Gas Station Gas Station Stand: Soy … Continue reading Anywhere but here

New from Gabriel at Japonica! Male: Outfit: Gabriel @ Japonica Katahaori, Koshikimono-Sarashi, Koshikomono-summer Hair: Tableau Vivant – Harukaze Blindfold: Aii – Kuro Oni Blindfold Katana: The Forge – Blazo Katana Tattoo: Aii – Warrior Marks Necklace: Kunst – Leather Necklace Female: Outfit: Gabriel @ Japonica – Yu-ka-ta Hair: Tram – G0420 Decor: Build: RH – Yuukaku (RARE gacha) Rain catcher: RH – Yuukaku – Kusaritoi (gacha) Statues: Ariskea – Namaste – Mossy Buddha (RARE gacha) Plant: KAZZA – Mosso Vase Continue reading

It happened one night…..

They were just jogging along innocently one dark night when they stumbled across a traffic accident. Stopping to offer assistance they got more than they bargained for…. dun dun duuuuuuun! Female (left): Hair: Ink @ Arcade – Messy Bun (RARE gacha) Glasses: M.Birdie @ Arcade – Marcia look – Sunglasses (gacha) Outfit – shorts, bra, kneepads, elbowpads: Vale Koer @ Arcade – Urban Fitness Clothes (RARE gacha) Shoes: Vale Koer – Harley Sneakerheels Mesh head: Genesis Lab @ Arcade – Fior 3.2 Bento (RARE gacha) Male (right): Hair: Stealthic @ MoM – Haunting Elbow socks: Stalkbacon – Elbow socks (not … Continue reading It happened one night…..