Winter is Coming


I haven’t done a ‘fantasy/roleplay’ outfit in a while so here you go! I know a lot of us look at the vendor ad when deciding on whether or not we’re interested in an item. And that can often be disappointing but sometimes, just sometimes, you get an outfit that looks even better than the vendor ad. The armour set today is that item! Plus it’s not often armour for guys get to show off flesh so that’s another plus!

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6 Republic is back! The event only occurs twice a month in May and November and each round features two distinct countries/cities. This time around it is Amsterdam versus Australia! I have to admit, this is one of my favourite events in SL. It’s full of awesome industrial architecture and furnishings. I also nabbed Cyrus for today’s picture to showcase the two-person poses in the very detailed and nicely textured pool table by No Concept!

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Darkness Creeps


I want to say halloween creepy continues but let’s face it, I’m always creepy! This is a mixture of a couple of events as well as a new sponsor for me, Ionic! I’ve loved Ionic’s items for a long time so I’m very pleased to be able to showcase even more of their items. For a closer look at the outfit I’m wearing keep reading to see the close up image.. and all the details of course.

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