#267 – Defeated



Epia is mostly known for their military-inspired outfits but their latest release is another dabble in SL gaming. The beer pong table is exactly that – a game of beer pong. It’s decorative and playable for two people who take turns throwing ping pong balls (via mouselook) and trying to take out the opposition’s red cups. It gets a little tricky when you’re down to only a few cups but the loser will eventually slump forward defeated. Epia has a few other games like Tic Tac Toe and their take on pictionary (seen partially here) that I have spent many hours playing with friends, including our own added list of ‘naughty words’. There are some things stick figures should not be seen doing!

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#239 – The Barn


This is your mid-monthly reminder about all the fun events that started at the beginning of the month and are still going on. From the Mens Dept we have the Dipper Bar Set that features a barrel table with a candy apple creation station, along with bobbing apple barrel, and a PG/Adult haystack (not shown). And from the gacha-wonderland that is the Arcade we have rustic signs, hay bales, a kitty or two, and of course the barn. On the clothing front we have the warm sweater from Xin at Kustom9.

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#225 – Homecoming


Whether you’re a roleplayer military buff, or just someone who likes dressing up for those oddball club contests, Epia has got you covered with their newest release at The Mens Dept. The marine dress uniform comes in three different colours – Black/blue, black/white, and blues. The jacket/pants are all one mesh so no wearing separate and also come with white mesh gloves (not shown).

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#224 – Crash and burn


Monso has a new release available at Collabor88’s birthday edition this month. It took me five whole days to TP into the event but it was worth it. I love love LOVE this sweater. It’s baggy, it comes in two options – with the inner piece so it’s a full length sweater or without so it’s this asymmetrical cropped shirt. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, designers, guys DO want to flaunt their abs and skin so please please create more stuff like this! The skateboard is a gacha item at The Gacha Mania from Bad Unicorn and the mask is from Obscure at the District 5 event.

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#219 – Voices in my head…


The Blues Hunt started on August 1st and is part of Depraved Nation. All items are 5l to buy and the website has urls and hints. I’m showing three of the items today, the hand tape, face strap, and the necklace. The hand tape works for normal hands and comes with an applier for slink hands. Also the face paint is a new release from Bad Unicorn and the awesome snake is from SWaGGa at TTS starting August 11th.

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#216 – I’ve found Serenity



FATEplay has released a bunch of new outfits in time for their one year anniversary. The theme is inspired by ‘everyone’s favourite nuclear holocaust simulator’. To me they screamed Firefly – that much loved but sadly quickly canceled tv show and so I opted for a space cowboy type of post. It just goes to show how surprisingly versatile the look can be. Also good to note is that FATEplay is having a photo competition – all you have to do is submit a picture to the official FATEdesign flickr group some time before August 21st.

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