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Snow Fox


I’m slow to jump on the bento bandwagon at least as far as heads are concerned. I do like what they are offering in regards to tails, ears, and wings though. The latest offering is a set of ears and a tail considered for a fox. It reminds me of a time when I first started Second Life and nekos were a huge thing. These ears and tail don’t just twitch, though, they are animated as if a natural part of your body.

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A few things about this look. Firstly the silks and chains are meant for a female body, in fact it comes for default and numerous mesh female bodies. They can fit some male bodies with some modifying of your body since the items are rigged and cannot be modified. As always, try a demo first where possible. Secondly, both the wasp/yellow jacket and the butterflies come as wearable and rideable companions. The rideable have poses built in although the pose in the picture is not one of them. They also come with sounds that can be turned on/off. They are pretty fun to fly.

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