Time for some home and decor again. I’ve been decorating a house and didn’t want to see another couch in a while but thankfully that itch came back pretty fast. The couch is available at Kustom9 from Kalopsia and inspired the entire setup. I’m not a huge fan of colours or prints but this bohemian style just brought out the inner lay around and listen to music while eating macaroons vibe.

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#267 – Defeated



Epia is mostly known for their military-inspired outfits but their latest release is another dabble in SL gaming. The beer pong table is exactly that – a game of beer pong. It’s decorative and playable for two people who take turns throwing ping pong balls (via mouselook) and trying to take out the opposition’s red cups. It gets a little tricky when you’re down to only a few cups but the loser will eventually slump forward defeated. Epia has a few other games like Tic Tac Toe and their take on pictionary (seen partially here) that I have spent many hours playing with friends, including our own added list of ‘naughty words’. There are some things stick figures should not be seen doing!

Full credits below:

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#207 – The Tourist

The hoodie is one of the latest releases from FATEwear. This is Luc. It comes with three wearable options – hood up, hood down, and open. The FATEpack also gives you a ton of colour options. FATEwear has also released a gift containing beachwear and towels in either the Canadian flag or the US flag in celebration of both Canada Day (July 1st) and Independence Day (July 4th). All you have to do to get it is join the subscriber. I may show them off tomorrow but all this beach and sun is going to force me to upgrade to … Continue reading #207 – The Tourist

#203 – The Vacationers

  Some more items from the event that started yesterday (June 21st). There are a lot of female items this round but still some goodies for men too. Also some more items from Epia at the Arcade, which will be closing at the end of the month. Him: Shorts: Shai @ TMD – Men’s Denim Shorts ** NEW @ The Mens Dept June ** Shirt: Epia @ Arcade – Vacation Checklist ** NEW gacha @ Arcade until June 30th ** Sunglasses: Epia @ Arcade –  Sunny Glasses ** NEW gacha @ Arcade until June 30th ** Flipflops: Lavarock Creations @ Summer Fashion Festival – Kartofen … Continue reading #203 – The Vacationers

#185 – Evolution Orange

The Dark Style Fair has started so if you’re looking to darken your life a little make sure you have a look. The event only lasts three weeks. The face mask and horns (two separate items) are both available there from Aesthetica. The hat/hair combo is a new release from Ayashi, and the shirt is a new event release at She & Him from Dynasty. Oh and it’s also the anniversary of Chapter Four and several designers have put out a free gift for the Chapter Four group members. Expect a lot of girl stuff but there are some unisex … Continue reading #185 – Evolution Orange

#184 – Top O’ the World

The Dark Style Fair opens on May 17th and promises to cater to all your dark/goth needs. There seems to be a good amount of unisex or male items so far so definitely worth checking out if you like indulging in your dark side. I have a few preview items to show you from there today, including the face chain and necklace from Scrub, the wings from Suicide Gurls, and the amazing gauntlets from Remarkable Oblivion. The gauntlets come with a HUD to change colours and poses, and the best part you can turn on/off an animation that makes the … Continue reading #184 – Top O’ the World