A few things about this look. Firstly the silks and chains are meant for a female body, in fact it comes for default and numerous mesh female bodies. They can fit some male bodies with some modifying of your body since the items are rigged and cannot be modified. As always, try a demo first where possible. Secondly, both the wasp/yellow jacket and the butterflies come as wearable and rideable companions. The rideable have poses built in although the pose in the picture is not one of them. They also come with sounds that can be turned on/off. They are pretty fun to fly.

Keep reading for the credits.

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The Gunslinger likes to take names and kick ass with the big boys and does a pretty fine job of it too. Maybe too good because she finds the guys keep pointing guns, and other things, at her all too often. This look is just one from the !gO! gacha machines at Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Both guns are from Bamse and have a steampunk feel to them and come in a variety of styles/colours including pink for the girls or femmy boys or just people who like pink – no judgement here! </political correctness>

Full credits when you click on the more thingie.

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#224 – Crash and burn


Monso has a new release available at Collabor88’s birthday edition this month. It took me five whole days to TP into the event but it was worth it. I love love LOVE this sweater. It’s baggy, it comes in two options – with the inner piece so it’s a full length sweater or without so it’s this asymmetrical cropped shirt. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, designers, guys DO want to flaunt their abs and skin so please please create more stuff like this! The skateboard is a gacha item at The Gacha Mania from Bad Unicorn and the mask is from Obscure at the District 5 event.

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#219 – Voices in my head…


The Blues Hunt started on August 1st and is part of Depraved Nation. All items are 5l to buy and the website has urls and hints. I’m showing three of the items today, the hand tape, face strap, and the necklace. The hand tape works for normal hands and comes with an applier for slink hands. Also the face paint is a new release from Bad Unicorn and the awesome snake is from SWaGGa at TTS starting August 11th.

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#216 – I’ve found Serenity



FATEplay has released a bunch of new outfits in time for their one year anniversary. The theme is inspired by ‘everyone’s favourite nuclear holocaust simulator’. To me they screamed Firefly – that much loved but sadly quickly canceled tv show and so I opted for a space cowboy type of post. It just goes to show how surprisingly versatile the look can be. Also good to note is that FATEplay is having a photo competition – all you have to do is submit a picture to the official FATEdesign flickr group some time before August 21st.

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#199 – Plagueboy

Plagueboy – the post-apoc magazine for all your grungy needs. I just read it for the articles! The shirt is a new release from Delirium Style and comes with a HUD that gives you so so many options. From plain colours of various hues to various graphics and slogans. My fav part, the slightly uplifted front that lets you either wear it well with a belt or just give a tease of tummeh. You know you want to flash some skin! The pose is also one of the brand spanking new poses from Del May. Always worth a visit. Sweater: … Continue reading #199 – Plagueboy

#198 – Forest Spirit

Ears: May’s Soul @ Tales of Fantasy – Faun ears brown (feathers) ** NEW @ ToF – June 10th – June 30th ** Necklace: May’s Soul @ Tales of Fantasy – Panflute ** NEW @ ToF – June 10th – June 30th ** Staff: May’s Soul @ Totally Top Shelf Events – Atenea Staff ** NEW @ TTSE **  Hair: Argrace – Minato (subscriber gift – free) Horns: Contraption: Clemantier Major A Gloves: Remarkable Oblivion – Azrael Gauntlets Thong: JasX – Bamboo armor (marketplace freebie) Hoofs: Epic – Demon/Faun Bloody Murder Boots Skin: Aeros – Teghran (slink hands and feet appliers sold separately) Tattoo: HoD @ We ❤ RP – Sanvean ** NEW @ We ❤ RP until … Continue reading #198 – Forest Spirit

#194 – Grateful Dead

The Dark Style Fair ends on June 7th so you have a few more days left for this event. I’m showing a few more items from the event, including the horns and the scarf with chains. Also have three items from the Men Only Hunt 4 that started on June 1st until the 15th. The skull face tattoo is from Reckless, the tie is from NM atelier and barely seen unfortunately are piercings from Pekka. All three items are free on the hunt. Incidentally the zombies are also free and are the newly released mesh avatars from Linden Labs found in … Continue reading #194 – Grateful Dead

#191 – MOH4

MOH4 or Men Only Hunt 4 is a hunt that starts on June 1st until June 15th and involves 65 stores. The best news, they are all for guys! I haven’t posted hunt items for a while so I will try and cover as much of the event as I can over the next few days. Today’s offering is from K , Arise, Sourires Tattoos, and 7mad;Ravens Shorts: Arise – Sum Shorts ** Hunt item for MOH4 – June 1st – June 15th ** Tank: K – My Daily Tank Top ** Hunt item for MOH4 – June 1st – June 15th ** … Continue reading #191 – MOH4

#187 – Monstah Mash

LL has recently released, or updated, the beginner avatars that new players can choose from. There are now options for full mesh avatars and like before you have a choice between normal Joe/Jane Doe types or a little darker with a selection of vampires, werewolves, and zombies. I’m showing off the darker types today. You don’t need to create a new avi to get these either, you can find them, for free, in your Library under Clothing > Initial Outfits. The clothing can be be removed from the avatar but only some of them have their own alpha layers. I … Continue reading #187 – Monstah Mash

#184 – Top O’ the World

The Dark Style Fair opens on May 17th and promises to cater to all your dark/goth needs. There seems to be a good amount of unisex or male items so far so definitely worth checking out if you like indulging in your dark side. I have a few preview items to show you from there today, including the face chain and necklace from Scrub, the wings from Suicide Gurls, and the amazing gauntlets from Remarkable Oblivion. The gauntlets come with a HUD to change colours and poses, and the best part you can turn on/off an animation that makes the … Continue reading #184 – Top O’ the World

#150 – The Tempest

The horns are a gacha prize from May’s Soul for the 30l Saturday event. This is also a RFL event. So if you have a horn addiction like me, no snickering please, then these are definitely a great steal and for a good cause to boot. The steampunk gun/holster as well as the claws are raffle prizes from BareRose. Jacket: DOZZE – Authentic Nylon Vest ** NEW RELEASE ** (marketplace store only) Jeans: American Bazaar – Rock on Jeans (available @ Rock Attitude Fair – Mar 29th to Apr 11) Demon hands: DRD – Demon hands (male) Claws: BareRose – Skull Claw (free raffle prize) Horns: May’s Soul – Niara horns – rare … Continue reading #150 – The Tempest