It happened one night…..

They were just jogging along innocently one dark night when they stumbled across a traffic accident. Stopping to offer assistance they got more than they bargained for…. dun dun duuuuuuun! Female (left): Hair: Ink @ Arcade – Messy Bun (RARE gacha) Glasses: M.Birdie @ Arcade – Marcia look – Sunglasses (gacha) Outfit – shorts, bra, kneepads, elbowpads: Vale Koer @ Arcade – Urban Fitness Clothes (RARE gacha) Shoes: Vale Koer – Harley Sneakerheels Mesh head: Genesis Lab @ Arcade – Fior 3.2 Bento (RARE gacha) Male (right): Hair: Stealthic @ MoM – Haunting Elbow socks: Stalkbacon – Elbow socks (not … Continue reading It happened one night…..

Snow Fox


I’m slow to jump on the bento bandwagon at least as far as heads are concerned. I do like what they are offering in regards to tails, ears, and wings though. The latest offering is a set of ears and a tail considered for a fox. It reminds me of a time when I first started Second Life and nekos were a huge thing. These ears and tail don’t just twitch, though, they are animated as if a natural part of your body.

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6 Republic is back! The event only occurs twice a month in May and November and each round features two distinct countries/cities. This time around it is Amsterdam versus Australia! I have to admit, this is one of my favourite events in SL. It’s full of awesome industrial architecture and furnishings. I also nabbed Cyrus for today’s picture to showcase the two-person poses in the very detailed and nicely textured pool table by No Concept!

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