The Gunslinger likes to take names and kick ass with the big boys and does a pretty fine job of it too. Maybe too good because she finds the guys keep pointing guns, and other things, at her all too often. This look is just one from the !gO! gacha machines at Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Both guns are from Bamse and have a steampunk feel to them and come in a variety of styles/colours including pink for the girls or femmy boys or just people who like pink – no judgement here! </political correctness>

Full credits when you click on the more thingie.


The gun is mostly blurry background eyecandy but for those curious to know what he’s wearing – the coat is another !gO! gacha outfit at the mainstore called Thief, the pants are from Yasum, hat is Remarkable Oblivion, and the mask is SWaGGa. If anyone wants full credits let me know.


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